We can digitize your design for embroidery '' One Price ''

UK Digitizing 24-36Hr Turn around Flate Rate £20


Based on a left breast size logo 8000 stitich count.

Embroidery Digitizing


Any design can be embroidered, but first it needs to be converted into a format that is accepted and readable by the embroidery machine. That conversion process is called "digitizing" The digitized file tells the embroidery machine where, how and which colors to use while stitching.

We provide digitizing service, focusing on "sewability." We provide a quality professional service, completed quickly at the best price available... just £20.00 for up to 10,000 stitches.

Most designs are unde 8000 stitches? Send us your artwork file for emb patches today and let us quote you the price.

If it's over 8000 stitches, add just £1.50 per each additional 1,000 stitches! Use our convenient Quick Quote section on this page and upload your file for emb digitizing.

100% Accuracy

We understand the importance of having the exact design embroidered to satisfy your customers' demands. That's why we promise superior quality embroidery digitizing by our team of experienced digitizers at the best price!

File Formats Accepted

Reproducing a logo with accuracy and detail can best be done from line-art or vector files such as Illustrator(eps) or CorelDraw (cdr). Some other files also work well: PDF, TIFF, JPG etc. High resolution art works well, but may be difficult to transmit via e-mail, in that case it is best to upload directly to our web site.

If you have a poor resolution file, embroidery digitizers must interpret and redraw the design. If vector art is not available, send what you are provided with and we'll advise you before we begin embroidery digitizing.

We currently accept the following graphical file formats for digitizing:

Our digitizing software will export embroidery digitizing images to many industry standard format.